WA Senators toe the party line

Lead candidate for Julie Matheson for Western Australia, Julie Matheson said she is very concerned about the current crop of WA Senators who do little or nothing to represent Western Australia’s interests other than toe the party line.

When Christopher Pyne and Senator Nick Xenophon lobbied by for ships and submarines to be built in South Australia, Western Australian senators were missing in action, toeing the party line and protecting their party’s marginal seats in the East.

Every Western Australian knows full well WA has a looming financial crisis.

To make matters worse the 2016 Federal budget delivered a massive $3.82 billion shortfall for Western Australia and not one WA Senator has said “boo” about it.

Western Australia represents 11% of Australia’s population. Our share of Federal funding should be no less than 11%, yet this year’s budget allocates just 3.3% of unconditional money (GST and general revenue) and a miserly $883.6million with conditions on how it’s  spent.  Western Australian business, farmers and community groups will have to go cap in hand and compete with the rest of the states for any other funding with no help from our current crop of WA Senators.

If elected to the Senate, Julie Matheson for Western Australia will negotiate a fair share of any Federal funding to match our population and the vast area we live in.  Julie Matheson will stand up for Western Australia in the Senate.

Julie Matheson was born and raised in the Pilbara, a director of the Financial Planning Association of Australia, a Subiaco Councillor, and a Convocation Council member at UWA.

To help Julie get elected, volunteer or donate by clicking here: Click Here

Thank you.


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