Election 2016, Independent candidate for the Senate

I am standing as an Independent Candidate  for Western Australia in the Senate this election.  It means all Western Australians can vote for me on the Senate ballot paper, by voting for candidates 1 to 12 below the line.

I am running as an independent because our current crop of WA Senators are unable to speak up for Western Australia’s fair share of the GST.  They fear the party will lose marginal seats in the other states if Western Australia gets more. 

Most other states have their fair share of independents and their fair share of the Federal budget, but not Western Australia.    Our WA Senators haven’t said ‘boo” about the GST, the excise fuel tax, and our looming financial crisis.  They are forced to “toe the party line” to keep the other states happy.

Nearly all of the registered parties are headquartered in the other states, but not me. I am independent and located in Western Australia, with supporters from Derby to Esperance and all the communities in between.

As an elected Independent Senator I have no fear of the party line.  I will negotiate for Western Australia using a “Howard/Harradine” style of partnership with the Prime Minister, whom ever that might be.  I will support the government of the people’s choice in return for a better deal for Western Australia.

If you are holding an event and want media coverage, I have a film crew too.

If you would like to support my campaign for the Senate, please click this link:


Thank you so much for your support.


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