Election discrimination

No wonder Western Australia hasn’t had an INDEPENDENT representing Western Australia in the Senate since 1972, the election system favours political parties not INDEPENDENT candidates.

Let me take you through this list of discriminations:

AEC Advertising

No box to tick for INDEPENDENT candidates
No box to tick for INDEPENDENT candidates

Take this ad by the electoral commission.  It shows only party candidates below the line with two or more boxes.  There is no graphic of a single box with the word INDEPENDENT.

Electoral Roll

Independent candidates for the Senate have no access to the electoral roll but house of representative candidates get access to their seat locality.  This means candidates in their lower house seats can target voters with their electoral roll information, but INDEPENDENT candidates for the Senate can not.

Political donations

Candidates receiving political donations can hide behind their registered political party when it comes to receiving donations.  The party discloses the donations, not the candidate.  Although we all know each candidate must round-up donations from their supporters to get support for their party.  An independent candidate has nowhere to hide when it comes to donations, they must be disclosed.  The public see who supports an independent candidate, but not a candidate for a party.

Nomination fee

An independent candidate must pay $2,000 to nominate and speak to 100 electors to support their nomination with their name, address and signature.to confirm the nomination.  A candidate for a party does not need to speak to any electors to endorse their nomination nor pay $2,000.  The party pays a bulk application fee of $1,000 per candidate.  If candidates actually paid their own nomination fee and spoke to 100 electors to support their nomination, we would have more grass-roots representation instead of parties from the other states deciding what’s best for Western Australia.

To change this electoral system to make it fairer for INDEPENDENT candidates for the Senate, please vote 1 for JULIE MATHESON below the line on the ballot paper like this:

Vote 1 Julie Matheson below the line and 2 to 12 for your preferred candidates
Vote 1 Julie Matheson below the line and 2 to 12 for your preferred candidates




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