Election Issue: Break the Drought!

Elect Western Australia’s first INDEPENDENT to the Senate in 40 years,


A vote a political party is a NO vote for Western Australia.

No party controlled from the Eastern States will demand more, fearing a backlash from interstate marginal seats.

This loss of representation has left Western Australia with a leadership void.  For this reason Julie Matheson is standing as an INDEPENDENT to fight for us in the Senate.

  • For our rightful share of the GST (we saved the country from a GFC recession).
  • To match the infrastructure spend. Queensland is promised $100million for a new sports stadium and we got nothing for our new stadium.
  • For our rightful share of the Excise Fuel Tax.  A recent RAC report shows for every $1 collected from WA motorists only 41 cents returns for our roads.

Western Australia has been completely sold out by the major parties on many levels.  Their elected members show a complete lack of political courage to rectify an out dated and unjust GST system  that leaves West Australia begging for handouts on projects it doesn’t want like Roe 8 highway extension.

Julie has election form.  She has been elected three times in the last 10 years by her peers as a national board director of the Financial Planning Association of Australia for transparency and good governance.  Julie, twice  elected Councillor for the City of Subiaco, has represented many community groups affected by the unfair treatment of  State Government proposals.

Julie is from Western Australia.  She was born and raised in the Pilbara, and her family are descendants of pioneering farming families of Western Australia.  Julie has a degree in political science and international relations from UWA and has a long career in financial services.

This election don’t vote for political parties.  Vote 1 below the line for Julie Matheson Independent on the far right end of the ballot paper, then number 2 to 12 for other candidates.

Break the Drought with your number 1 vote below the line.
Break the Drought with your number 1 vote below the line.

m: 0409 294 495 | www.juliematheson.com.au | e: jcmatheson@bigpond.com



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