Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

I am stunned by the results of this election campaign!

I can’t thank Western Australian voters enough for taking the time to search the 1 metre ballot paper, find my name and vote 1.  Your vote means a lot to me and I won’t take it for granted.

Your vote was against the odds. 

The biggest blow to my campaign was the call of an early election.  The AEC put my party status on hold which meant my name “Julie Matheson for Western Australia” could not be listed above the line.  Instead, my name was cast to the edge of the ballot paper with other independents and minor parties.

Your votes for me have smashed vote numbers for independents and some political parties Australia wide.  The electoral commission’s process didn’t make it easy either.  See this link for updates.

The Senate ballot paper contained in the postal vote had the right hand edge folded so tightly it was easy to miss the independent candidates and not vote for them.

The label “Independent” against the candidate’s name was in fine print and not easy to find.

Independent candidates were not allowed access to the electoral roll.  Political parties with candidates in the lower house had access so could write to electors as part of their campaign.

Overwhelming Support.

During the campaign I had the support of over 50 volunteers letterboxing, writing to newspapers and networks, helping out at polling booths and attending weekly meetings to plan the campaign and respond to election issues.  Unfortunately some of my advertising came out in the last days of the campaign, which meant some people had already voted before they had heard of me.  They expressed their disappointment but hoped others would vote for me instead.

What’s next?

My campaign committee will review the results, see which campaign strategies worked, and complete the registration of my political party in readiness for the State election 11 March 2017.

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Thank you

Julie Matheson for Western Australia


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