WA Ripoff: The Pilbara

Canberra takes Western Australia for granted and cancels funding for the Bunara Maya hostel in the Pilbara town of Port Hedland.

This hostel isn’t just any hostel.  It serves as a homeless shelter and offers alcohol rehabilitation services since the 1980s.

The Federal government cut funding at the end of June, offering no options to housed people from the hostel.

The Pilbara was a significant economic contributor to the economy during the GFC crisis, helping Australia avoid a GFC recession.  It wasn’t Kevin 07 who saved Australia with his $950 cheques, it was the Pilbara and its people who made sacrifices during the mining construction boom.

Taking Federal funding away from the Pilbara is a shameless act of neglect.

This is another example of how Canberra neglects the Pilbara and Western Australia.


ABC News, 24 June 2016
ABC News, 24 June 2016

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