WA Ripoff: DisabilityCare

Western Australia is again being ripped off by Canberra because of the dominance of political parties based in the Eastern States.

Here another WA ripoff:  DisabilityCare Australia Fund.

The 2016 Federal Budget forward estimates indicate that New South Wales in 2018-2019 will receive $1,182,500,000 from the DisabilityCare Australia Fund, an average of $155 per person. However, West Australians will receive a projected sum of $54,200,000, an average of $21 per person. It’s a remarkable disparity when Western Australian taxpayers have contributed the most per capita through the increased Medicare levy since 2014. (Ref. B Hart, Letter to The West, July 2016)

It is even more remarkable knowing that the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Social Services (Disabilities) are our WA elected representatives.

It’s time Western Australia had its own political party representing us in Canberra,  Julie Matheson for Western Australia.  Julie will represent Western Australia.


DisabilityCare Australia, May 2013
DisabilityCare Australia, May 2013

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