WA State Election: The vital issues

Julie Matheson for Western Australia is WA’s only registered political party representing the people of WA, the rest come from the Eastern States.

This election WA is being swamped by political parties from the East…

Liberal/National, Labor/Greens, One Nation, Shooters Fishers, Animal Justice, Socialist Alliance, Liberal Democratic, Family First/Christian, Daylight Savings, Fluoride Free….

….. using the WA State Election to protect their power base and double-crossing Western Australians.

Julie Matheson for Western Australia party is the only party to vote for this election.

Our candidates are fearless.  We will cut RED TAPE and make WA great.

Contact: Stephen Phelan, party secretary on 0419 906 393 for more information.




3 thoughts on “WA State Election: The vital issues

  1. Too right Julie. And I mean that in the Aussie vernacular, not suggesting your views are too right haha. We need to have the West put forward as an outstanding area of prospective posterity for all Sandgropers. I have lived and worked as far north, south, east and West; as is possible on mainland Western Aust, I am witness to much of what we have. I also circumnavigated Australia by sea, piecemeal as part of my work; and lived and worked in SA, NT, NSW and Qld, so I know how we miss out as well. I reckon the Feds think that WA is nothing more than a mine, so we should get shafted and gouged. Stick it back to them, and sign me up for support in the new year.


  2. I bet the Daylight Savings Party is from the east…

    (Note to anyone reading this – they’re pro- not anti-. I looked it up, given there was an anti-DLS party a few years ago).


    1. It is mostly eastern states business partners that want to run daylight saving in WA. We have voted on this over and over. Is it not so that more of our business future is to the north, on the same date line as Perth? Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, China dont need us to gat nthem up an hour earlier. Work times are flexible enough from most employers if you can show a need to come in and go home in more sync time with your main trade.

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