WA GST rip off


WA‘s GST is the lowest per capita share in Australia.  We are being ripped off by Canberra to maintain political power in the Eastern States.

The GST “equalisation” system is so completely messed up that financially, WA would have been better off NOT having the mining boom and therefore NOT needing to borrow and spend $40 Billion on Infrastructure.

Instead WA could have just sat back and let the GST equalisation lift our GST  up and provide WA with more than sufficient revenue to fund modest infrastructure WITHOUT ANY DEBT; without constant increases in the cost of living; with greater job stability.

We need to fix this mess – and fix it now!!!!

At the State Election in March, you have a choice – a choice that will make a real difference – you can VOTE for the Julie Matheson for Western Australia party to make WA better for you or you can decide to make WA worse for you by voting for parties controlled by the Eastern States – it’s really that simple and it’s really is up to you – your vote will decide this!!!.

Julie Matheson for Western Australia party will tear up any State Agreement including the GST agreement which hold back this State from being great.


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