Abolish the Family Court system

Relief is in sight for Victims of the Western Australian Family Court system. This election the Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party promises to abolish and replace the common law Family Court with a Civil Law Tribunal. No lawyers! No legal costs !

Julie Matheson, Party Leader, says she has received an overwhelming avalanche of anger and grief from victims of the WA Family Court system who have been financially ruined with very large legal bills and received no justice for the privilege.

The Court is grappling with unprecedented increased workloads, is under resourced  and suffers a major backlog of up to 2 years

The state Government is putting a band aid on a festering sore. – The Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party says The Family Court needs to be shut down.

“This farcical system has led to the destruction of families , the brutal deaths of good mums and dads and an increasing list of suicides.  Truth and evidence is ignored, lies are encouraged, and parents become visitors.  The system is ruining the social fabric of our great state, ripping families apart and is costing the community millions upon millions of dollars.  The breakdown of the family unit leaves children vulnerable to living on the streets, and turning to illicit drug use, prostitution, mental health issues and high crime rate.  There’s also an estimated quarter of a million loving Australian parents  alienated from their children.”

“The Family Court system has become a circus for lawyers where perjury is rife and there is no enforcement of child custody arrangements.  It’s time the WA Family Court system is shut down and replaced with a Civil Law Tribunal.  No lawyers! No legal costs!”


State Election notes:

The Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party will contest this coming State election with candidates in key District seats and all upper house Regional seats.

Media enquiries to:  Julie Matheson on 0409 294 495.

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5 thoughts on “Abolish the Family Court system

  1. So, please explain how you intend to achieve this? How do you overcome the complacency of the other parties who have allowed this system to fester to such an extent. It takes more than just one to overhaul a system such as this.
    Being as WA is the only state with 2 family courts, the state court and the federal one as well…. which many have tried to shutdown and failed… how are you going to do this?



  2. Why does our system run independently to the rest of the country. Why isnt any person allowed to bring a lawyer in from another state. This means the same lawyers appear in front of the same judges day after day. i have just spent 2 years in this system as a self representing applicant. I had the pleasure of dealing directly with the respondents lawyers,and the independant childrens lawyer “icl”. I was subjected to and witnessed much perjory by both lawyers and icl. They had no shame at all in doing this,even tho their statements to the judge could easily be proved should the court recording be referenced against the evidence. Each court date,there was a continued repeating of the same requests to supoena the same stuff,even after already being granted requests originally. each date would result in mabye 1 move forward,when the evidence was there to almost wrap the case up immediately. i was treated badly due to the fact that i was self representing. this being solely due to the fact that i could easily have lost my home due to the means test involved in being represented by legal aid. this also occured when i initially went to court with a private lawyer. it is entirely open to corruption,due to the system charging legal aid etc for the process,with very little effort made to proceed. I could easily havegotten the court script and crossed it with other statements made by so called professional people and presented this to the court. I doubt any perjory charges would have been layed,and there were no penalties for lies stated to the court by the respondant, and proved. it is ‘with caution” 1 of the most corrupt systems i have seen. i personally got to witness the damage caused to my child and her siblings due to this system .while i won my case,there were 8 children who lost,due to the failure of the court to at least get dcp ordered into things. dcp,another wa own ed system. put them together,and chuck in the many agencies who basicly report to the crt on supervised accsess. This is just an amateurs experience in this system. But i had plenty of help from ‘dads landing pad” who no doubt,if this is your true agenda,ule already have spoken to,or being planning to speak to.
    Yours sincerely


  3. Now we’re talking.

    We have endured a year from hell! We are on verge of losing everything all because we stopped our grandaughter being taken by her mum to live with a paedophile. Should have been an in and out case, not a joke. Help people stop getting destroyed by this farcical court.


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