EPA and Roe 8 deception

Here’s more deception from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

The EPA tell WAPC or Mainroads to buy land which is already bushland as an offset for the loss of bushland in another area such as Roe 8. Sounds good doesn’t it?

What is really going on is MRIT land tax (needs to be abolished) is being used to isolate a bush land for a period of time so that when the public forgets why it was purchased, in about 15 years from now, the land will be sold off for house and land packages to be built by shonky builders WA. Remember the land near Jandakot Airport, same thing happened.

This election our Party promises to shut down the EPA and its empty promises to protect the environment. Its environmental enforcement powers will be transferred to each elected Council.



Main Road Environmental Offsets, 12 December 2016






8 thoughts on “EPA and Roe 8 deception

  1. I expect the more devious decisions from Eva are committed by a few top of the pile beaura-fat-cats, on behalf of political or lunch masters. I reckon there must be many talented people of conscience making up the bulk of the department. Would the EPA need to be shut down, if we clean out a few at the top of certain sections, and legislate for Local councils to have more input to final plans?


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