Julie Matheson explains GST Welfare system

Julie Matheson, Party Leader, explains just how compromised Australia has become because of the “GST Welfare” system.

In 2011 when Mr Barnett raised the Royalty rates, the then Federal Treasurer responded, advising that not only would Canberra make sure it would take all of those Royalties from WA’s GST share, it was going to punish WA by taking away a further $1.5 billion in promised Infrastructure funding.”

“The Federal Government was true to its word. WA is being stripped of its GST share by an amount greater than the Royalties – and it tried to take away that $1.5 Billion that had been promised.”

Our state has been held to economic ransom by the political parties from the East who run the Federal Government. While WA digs up every mineral and harvests every inch of arable land, the rest of Australia lives on “GST welfare” generated and paid for by hard-working Western Australians.

Well our Party has had enough!

“Let’s not forget that Canberra already gets in excess of $20 Billion in direct and indirect taxes every year from WA related resource projects – a massive $1 Trillion dollars over 50 years. Canberra also treats the $200 Billion in WA Royalties as theirs to share, handing WA a measly $22 Billion of that $200 Billion over 50 years – which after the $49 Billion in total it will cost WA to secure and support these projects, leaves WA $27 Billion worse off!!. This is outrageous!!”

“The truth is, under this horribly crooked arrangement, WA should not have even let these resource projects start, given their near bankrupting effect on WA’s finances – $40 Billion in Debt – and Canberra knows this.”

“Canberra (run by political parties from the East) has no interest in helping WA – at all – and will quite happily let WA bleed to its financial death – as long as it gets its share!!. We find this economic bullying deplorable and it must stop – right now!”

“This election our Party promises to make laws for the GST to be paid direct to State treasury, and cancel any State Agreement with Canberra that holds WA back.”


Web:  http://www.juliematheson.com.au

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The only home grown Party for Western Australia.
The only home grown Party for Western Australia.

4 thoughts on “Julie Matheson explains GST Welfare system

  1. I belive that we should keep revenue raised in WA in WA and that we should pay into Canberra based on a % per capita to make the system fairer as the benefits that are currently enjoyed by the Eastetn states are largely supported by us in WA, where we have a high cost of living and lower disposable income.

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  2. It’s not just the GST. WA Companies pay tax to the Commonwealth, we pay tax / excise (a tax) to the Commonwealth, WA Oil/Gas Co’s pay PRRT to the Commonwealth. For at least the last 30 years WA has fed more money to the Commonwealth than it ever got back (the only other states to do this are NSW and Vic [both now marginal]. WA keeps the Bankrupt East afloat. It has to stop. They can not blame for fiscal management in WA when the Commonwealth’s own budgets have also been hit by, what I am convinced is a manufactured, resource price collapse (had to happen). Keep WA Money in WA, we could ultimately end up like Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Qatar and so on – secede – no b/s referendums on the constitution to do so just one in WA – stay or go then Go.

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  3. Julie has a point, WA supplies $55b of revenue a year, between royalties from WA, Corporate from WA based activities, income from WA activities and all other taxes …it keeps $16b of its own taxes and collect in return $9b through diverse Canberra sources including GST and Grants. The difference is a massive $30b out of 55 staying in Canberra, more than 50%, in addition the complexity and marchandage to grab funds between States and Commonwealth is a waste of resources and a disgrace, not mentioning the fights on duplications to pay public servants that have never see a student or a patient, or the crazy distribution mechanism of the GST!

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