Julie Matheson explains why we are cancelling the Airport Train project.

In Today’s Media Release, Julie Matheson explains why the Barnett Government’s Forrestfield-Airport Train project make no financial sense and why cancelling the $1.96 billion project is the sensible option.

“For those who may be unaware, both Sydney and Brisbane have Airport Trains, and both of these projects actually went bust!. These are very expensive projects which just don’t have the volume of passengers to make them economically viable”.

“If Airport Trains were viable, Sydney, four times as busy as Perth, passenger wise, would not have gone broke and Melbourne, three times as busy as Perth, would have one already.”

“Let’s talk about Melbourne. The Tullamarine Freeway – the main Freeway to that Airport, suffers significant congestion, carries three times the passengers than Perth does, yet Melbourne has NOT justified an Airport Train. Melbourne loves doing projects – look at the $1.6 BILLION they are spending on their sky train project – yet even with the congestion issues, no Airport Train project has been justified.”

“Let’s now talk about Perth. Not only do we NOT have anywhere near the numbers of Sydney, Melbourne or even Brisbane (they have double Perth), we have just spent over a BILLION dollars on the Perth Gateway project which has eliminated a significant amount of congestion around the domestic Airport.

Didn’t the Billion dollar Perth Gateway project just eliminate any justification for an Airport Train?”

“We simply cannot see, having just completed the Perth Gateway project, how the Airport Train can stack up financially. Add to that what happened over East, and we are basically building a train, running non-stop to financial disaster!!”

“So let’s scrap the Airport Train,  and secure smart engineering solutions to build us a CITY LOOP train like Sydney, Melbourne, London, New York, Tokyo etc.  A City Loop train will help reduce congestion by having drivers on the outer CBD to use the train as it will now stop closer (as proven in Sydney and Melbourne), and make a real difference to congestion in WA and not create ANOTHER financial disaster.”


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One thought on “Julie Matheson explains why we are cancelling the Airport Train project.

  1. I am in favor of public transport wherever possible. I prefer train. But I live in Mandurah, and fly out at 05:00. No train at that hour anyway. So airport train no use to those FIFO workers using T2 morning flights, and probably many intestate and intnl red eye flights.

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