Julie Matheson explains how Councils help developers break the rules

Breaking the rules starts with planning bureaucrats in Councils who use RED TAPE to design the rules in the first place.

Conveniently, the Development Assessment Panels (DAP), set up by the Barnett Government and supported by Labor’s Mark McGowan, use experts to break the rules and approve outrageous developments.

Whilst residents follow all the rules or receive hefty penalties if they don’t, planning bureaucrats in Councils and the DAP help developers use the same RED TAPE from policy reports, lawyers to interpret the RED TAPE and precedents from other approvals where the laws were broken, to break the rules in every instance.

“There are more than 100 communities scattered throughout metropolitan Perth affected by planning bureaucrat’s RED TAPE and approval decisions by the DAP, with the most recent in the City of Stirling where the Department of Education plans to use RED TAPE and the DAP to build a private school at the  Double View Primary School using taxpayers’ money.”

This election our Party is campaigning to shut down the DAP and RED TAPE which are ruining the value of people’s homes, the amenity and traffic their suburbs, and resident’s rights to expect the same rules to apply to everyone, including State Government departments.


Enquiries: Julie Matheson on 0409 294 495


3 thoughts on “Julie Matheson explains how Councils help developers break the rules

    1. Thank you John for the question. We have 32 Candidates in 20 districts and 12 upper house regions. You can Vote 1 Julie Matheson for Western Australia in the Upper House to elect Julie Matheson in North Metropolitan. We also have candidates to represent all Regions too! We look forward to your support.


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