WA $1 trillion dollar mineral exports

Stop sending GST welfare to Canberra, Western Australia can’t afford it.

Since 2000, Western Australia has exported $1 trillion dollars worth of mineral exports.*

If you live to be 80 years of age, you would need to save $34 million each day of your life to reach $1 trillion.

Not only has Western Australia exported all those minerals, but it has exported all that money too!

What’s left is:

$36 billion dollars of debt

$3.4 billion budget deficit

Every Western Australian household now has $36,ooo of State debt PLUS any other debt on their home, credit card, and personal loans.

WA must stop sending our GST to Canberra.  It has become GST welfare for other states while WA goes broke!

This election vote 1 to keep the GST in WA.  Vote 1 Julie Matheson for Western Australia.



One thought on “WA $1 trillion dollar mineral exports

  1. Perfectly right, spot on, there is nothing wrong building infrastructures in WA but they should have been paid by Canberra because the States have no avenue left to raise extra revenue in the current funding system built with a massive vertical fiscal imbalance.
    Until WWII the States collected ALL their revenue and paid Canberra a portion, since WWII progressively the large sources of revenue have all been visited by Canberra, basically sharing a currency without fiscal integration is a recipe for another Greek disaster.
    Our States cannot file for bankruptcy like in the US, we will be facing a major constitutional crisis very soon unless we change the funding system, grants GST income tax, all taxes….


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