Walk the shared path with me!

Janetia Knapp for Fremantle


Janetia was born in the wheat belt town of Gnowangerup (named after the Mallee fowl), 61km south east of Katanning.

Janetia is a ‘stolen generation’ child and was raised at Rowland’s Mission in Bunbury. She was educated at the mission school, Brunswick Primary and Harvey High School.  At 17 Janetia moved to a girls’ hostel, before living with her grandmother in Narrogin. 

Determined to get a good education and follow in her grandfather’s steps, Janetia’s first job was as a cleaner at the local primary school, then became a teacher’s aid.  Later on she was accepted into teacher’s college at UWA.  While studying, she stacked shelves at the local grocery store to fund her degree.  She graduated in 1974 with a degree in teaching.

Today, she teaches aboriginal culture in schools to walk the shared path together.

Why the seat of Fremantle?

Using her cultural experience and intuitive ability to walk a shared path with Aboriginal culture and mainstream living, Janetia believes the people of Fremantle are ready to walk this path with her.

This election Janetia is campaigning for a Centre for Aboriginal Cultural Practice in Fremantle.

“This centre will teach HOME ECONOMICS and traditional food selections for family and young people to wean them off junk food. It will promote the future of Aboriginal home design so that families can transition between culture and mainstream living, and it will be a place where group cultural meetings can take place in safety and harmony within the community.”

Janetia invites the people of Fremantle to share this journey with her.

Vote 1 for Janetia Knapp at the ballot box on 11 March 2017.

Please help Janetia with promotional material and/or even $10 donation to assist with advertising.



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