Shonky satellite services for the regions

The Federal Government are up to their old tricks again, looking for excuses not to invest in state of the art telecommunication services for regional WA.

Our Party says NO to shonky satellite services.

The Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party candidate for Nedlands, Andrew Mangano, spoke at a recent Productivity Commission hearing, warning the Commissioner that our Party will not tolerate shonky satellite services in any part of our State.

Satellite has high latency (delay), and is vulnerable to weather effects, congestion, low data throughput and high customer power consumption.

The Review into Universal Service Obligation for Telecommunications is recommending shonky satellite services as the only source of communication for our regions in Western Australia.

The Federal Government again is treating WA like second class citizens.




2 thoughts on “Shonky satellite services for the regions

  1. I agree that satellite offers relatively poor performance, but what is the alternative for remote locations? The cost of fibre optic cable is around $2-3 per metre, and that doesn’t include labour. Is there any other viable option?


    1. Thank you for the question. At the moment, only copper in the bush works well for voice communication. The Telcos are trying to convince the Federal Government to stop maintaining copper in the bush so they don’t have to pay maintenance fees. The Telcos want copper replaced with a shonky satellite service for voice. It’s another way of reducing services to the bush.

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