6PR’s Minister for CAN’T

The Minister for CAN’T, 6PR’s Mr Chris Ilsley, is on a one man crusade to shut down the Candidates of the JULIE MATHESON FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY.

He told all his facebook “friends”.


The Minister has told candidates on facebook to give up, “they CAN’T keep the GST in WA, they CAN’T shut down the family court system”, they just CAN’T do anything which might affect the powerbase from the eastern states.

It’s in Canberra’s best interests to allow people like the Minister for CAN’T to spread a scare campaign in Canberra’s favour to keep the GST as welfare for the eastern states.  Malcolm Turnbull said so this week.


Julie Matheson and our Candidates will not surrender to the Minister’s crusade and his bullying tactics on facebook.

“Either the Commonwealth lied to the Australian public or the GST is a ‘State Tax’ and it’s ours to keep.

Check this out Mr. Minister for CAN’T….


Media enquiries to:  0409 294 495

If you would like to donate to our campaign and the chance to win two tickets to the Derby and be part of history at Subiaco Oval on 29 April, please fill in your details here: https://juliematheson.com.au/donations/

We look forward to your support.




One thought on “6PR’s Minister for CAN’T

  1. Every sections that have been added to the constitution without approval from a referendum are part
    of a “virtual” constitution, the faked one.

    There was nor referendum on any matter related to the funding of the States since before WWII so not only the States can raise the GST, they in fact are supposed to raise all taxes and pay Canberra a ratio of the revenue, during WWII the opposite happens but it was only for war purpose and was never ratified by a referendum, so it is not part of the constitution, everything related to Commonwealth versus State funding is just a gentleman agreement and can be revoked overnight.

    I did not invent it. one of the most well known specialist of the high court David Solomon said it(“the State of the States”), the States are just beggars because the high court rules out any attempt to enforce the existing constitution and always sits on the side of the Commonwealth, that does not mean that a premier does not have the right to walk into the Pert Mint and print a new WA currency and collect all taxes at any time, such an action would not break the Constitution that is the foundation of our federation.
    Australian States like the EU States shares a single currency without fiscal integration it is a recipe for disaster, most of EU States populations apart from Germany(the NSW-Victoria of the EU Zone) want to get out.
    I will discuss that further with the problem it causes for Jobs in WA at this address: http://members.iinet.net.au/~gfh/gfhws/gfhwaelect_redtape.php


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