Wedge Shacks, not gentrification

Yes, our Party supports the retention of the Shacks at Wedge and Grey as part of our Western Australian cultural history.

Our Party would be careful not to make RED TAPE and bureaucracy which would cause the “gentrification” of the area with overworked policies and planning guidelines. These types of rules would remove the culture of the locality.

Shacks are Shacks, and should not be removed under Squatter laws, urbanised or gentrified by planning bureaucrats.

Help save our WA Shacks at Wedge and Grey by visiting this website.


6 thoughts on “Wedge Shacks, not gentrification

  1. For RED TAPE and bureaucracy it is hard to beat the inconsistencies between Centrelink and our Tax Office specially for youth and Seniors, you work three hours and you get tracked for three years supply ten pages of paper in triplicate for a CPA, the ATO and Centrelink and finally after two years you are chased by recovery debt mercenaries, bad luck it was a data matching mistake, you are a youth or 70 and suicidal you shoot yourself you do not have the thousands of dollars wrongly asked by the death squad, alternatively you prove it was wrong, after 12 months of altercations between the tax office and Centrelink blaming each other costing you thousands of dollar of paper work

    Why don’t we have a paperless single desk ATO Centrelink such as in Sweden where you swipe your card or enter an internet transaction to declare your revenue and that’s it whether you work 3 hours 3 days 3 months no paper no pain no anxiety… because of the lobbyist cartel over East …more on the web site page…


  2. Save Wedge (for everyone). Thank you Julie. It’s nice to hear a sane voice in politics. There are too many tourism ‘black holes’. Lets do it right this time. You are on the top of my “vote for’ list. 🙂


  3. Thank you for your support with the shacks at Wedge and Grey. My family’s history at Wedge dates back to the 50’s and 5 generations of Egan’s have enjoyed holidaying at this special place which is so very dear to us all.


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