Perth Modern School blindsided by Labor

If Labor’s thought bubble for education is the way of the future, watch out!

Perth Modern School Parents were blindsided by the Labor proposal to move the school.

There was zero consultation. Labor made no effort at all to ask Perth Modern families who are bewildered and gravely concerned. Many are talking of leaving the school if it moves. “The Perth Modern community is going to fight all the way, for years if we have too, to keep Perth Mod.” So there is no certainty for the local catchment area too. They deserve better than this too.

Perth Modern School has a wonderful community where the older graduates mentor and help the young ones. It reaches across generations. Their donations save the government money and have provided buildings which Labor are expropriating. This would break that completely.

Education Central is an expensive, experimental thought bubble. Kids need open spaces, not glass towers and access to pubs and drugs.

Labor say the problem is in the inner North, but it is in the Western suburbs. Churchlands is growing at 6%, Shenton at 5%. In contrast Mt Lawley at 0.6% (nothing). It’s just an experimental thought bubble to win the Seat of Perth.

Liberal too are not much better.  The Doubleview Primary School has been doublecrossed by the abusive powers of the Development Assessment Panels (DAP).  The school was looking forward to new buildings.  Instead, the DAP approved removal of trees and the footy oval green-open space for a new private school on taxpayer’s land against the wishes of the parents.  The Doubleview Primary School footy oval will be lost forever.

The only way to stop the abuse of power by the political cartel (Labor/Green, Liberal/Nationals) is to Vote 1 for the Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party to win the Balance of Power!

Enquiries to:

Julie Matheson for Upper House Seat of North Metropolitan on 0409 294 495

Andrew Mangano for the Seat of Nedlands on 0400 899 210

Ian Molyneux for the Seat of Perth on 0427 560 870

Jack Garber for the Seat of Churchlands on 0412 587 839

Steven Pynt for the Seat of Scarborough on 0411 708 591



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