Racism! Sexism! Ageism?

Racism is Not acceptable ! Sexism is Not acceptable ! Why is Ageism acceptable?

Far too often senior citizens are being ignored and or being deliberately locked out of the conversation because the conversation is restricted to new media.

“It is appalling that WA ‘s Senior citizens are subjected to constant Ageism” commented Julie Matheson from the Julie Matheson 4 Western Australia Party.

“Listening and representing seniors is a core value of the Party” she said.  “That’s why our Party’s fearless candidates range in ages from 23 to 74.  Our most senior Party Member is age 94.”

Our Party is a fearless campaigner for WA seniors and their well deserved benefits, like free off-peak travel on Perth’s bus and train network, to feel safe and secure in their homes, and all forms of communication, analogue and digital, to keep everyone in the conversation about what’s best for Western Australia!

If you would like to donate to our campaign and the chance to win two tickets to the Derby and be part of history at Subiaco Oval on 29 April, please fill in your details here: https://juliematheson.com.au/donations/

We look forward to your support.



One thought on “Racism! Sexism! Ageism?

  1. Ageism is a very good point raised by JM4WA
    Seniors have been most neglected in recent elections, our seniors are the most vulnerable people in our society, we do not even know if council rates will still be there for long, selling the family home or downsizing it had back door changes to pension means testing including the family home by the back door.
    Our seniors are full of skills they don’t use because of the complexity and inconsistencies between the ATO and Centrelink(no single desk) and now fictitious debts to chase them like deplorables outside the basic rules of communication followed by recovery agents.
    Ultimately if you are full of yourself like the major party machines have become pretending they know everything about economics and “repeating at nauseum we have a plan” but are really full absolute Zeros in economics planning and policies, and you treat Pensioners like carpets you will pay the price for insulting your voters and the mature aged people 55 to 75 representing more than one third of voters, adding the youths under-employed it makes it 40% of voters!
    Vote JM4WA and Julie will help you telling the establishment where the real people are!


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