Cut RED TAPE for Wanneroo

Greg Macpherson for Wanneroo

Greg Macpherson for Wanneroo. “Roads and rail for Wanneroo from our GST for WA.”

Greg finished school in Perth and graduated with an Economics degree from UWA. He has lived and travelled widely in Australia. He is currently living in the inner city and working as a Contract Manager for an engineering consultancy. He also has experience government, oil and gas, resources and the IT industry.

Greg became involved with local council issues affecting Perth residents across the board such as the government sponsored Development Assessment Panels (DAP), and the urban infill that often discriminates against the wishes of existing residents.

Being an active person, Greg enjoys road and mountain biking and supports programs that increase access and safety for cyclists. He also cares about wildlife conservation, and animal welfare, and actively supports recycling initiatives.

Why Wanneroo?

Wanneroo has high youth unemployment, rising crime and overbearing regulation and RED TAPE from the council that has negative impacts on residents. Roads and Rail are what’s needed to build the community as its own centre.

Whilst Greg is a fan of the digital economy, he recognises that there are many who have limited access and is also aware that the computer world and social media can often work against the growth of neighbourhood communities.  Many families have become victims of the Family Court system which has imposed hardship and devastating effects.  If elected our Party will shut down the Family Court system and replace it with a Civil Law Tribunal, no lawyers! no costs!

This election Vote 1 Greg Macpherson for Wanneroo and Vote 1 Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party in the Upper House.

Thank you.

Our Party logo.
“It’s our GST.”

One thought on “Cut RED TAPE for Wanneroo

  1. Economics is about people, “we” the people creates the content in the budget, not the establishment and the bookkeepers, Greg background will cut around the fake left and right debate of the major parties, it is the people not the establishment and the major parties we want.
    Good luck Greg


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