Perth Children’s Hospital not open for taxpayers

Julie Matheson’s Party for Western Australia demands the Department of Heath come clean on the use of shonky RP2D water valves in and around the construction of the $1.2 billion dollar Perth Children’s Hospital.


No one on behalf of the taxpayer knows how the Hospital is built!  The Department of Health and Department of Management and Works are taking short cuts with radical excisions made on valuable engineering staff to represent the taxpayer on large projects such as the Perth Children’s Hospital.  Taxpayer engineers are so few in numbers that only the contractor knows how the hospital has been built, not the Department, leaving lawyers in charge of the project.

Where’s the Proof!

Julie Matheson is demanding proof that all anti backflow RP2D water valves installed in and around the new hospital have the UNLEADED ENVIRO STAMP on them.

Without this stamp, we believe poisonous lead will be found in water supplies affecting the hospital and neighbouring homes and business in the Hollywood area.

The Department of Health must come clean with taxpayers of Western Australia and prove the water valves with the UNLEADED ENVIRO STAMP are in use  in and around the Perth Children’s Hospital.


Media Enquires:  0409 294 495



One thought on “Perth Children’s Hospital not open for taxpayers

  1. Good work Julie et all. There’s probably a piece of paper advising job done correctly, but who is doing the physical check. City Health and Building inspector does houses to ensure that neighborhoods aren’t endangered . Who checks major public works on my behalf?

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