The Senate

The Senate is where the Federal Government negotiates new legislation.  It needs the support of the independent cross-benchers to pass it.

The proportional representation system of voting to elect senators makes it easier for independents to be elected.

The government of the day usually does not have a majority of votes in the Senate.  This means the independents are able to use their combined voting power to reject or amend government legislation.  The independents usually negotiate a better deal for their state.

We have no independent senators from Western Australia.

It’s time we did…

Vote 1   JULIE MATHESON for Western Australia.

The Senate is a powerful place to negotiate more for Western Australia.  For example when John Howard was Prime Minister he negotiated with Senator Brian Harradine to provide $360million for Tasmania in return for his vote on the sale of Telstra.

I will be negotiating a fair share of the GST for Western Australia in return for my vote in the Senate.


One thought on “The Senate

  1. Hi Julie, Molly and I have just voted and we have put you in the number 1 position on the senate ticket. We did this because you were the only candidate that we could see as prepared to take up WA’s case for a fair go. I don’t know what chances you’ve got , the big parties seem to have it sown up, but thank you for standing and giving us that choice.

    Bob and Molly O’Neill
    Mahogany Creek


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