Caring for Carine

Annette Almond for Carine

Annette Almond for Carine
Annette Almond for Carine. “Say NO to one set of rules for developers and another set of rules for residents.”

Annette comes from a large family, and she is the youngest of 7 children. She went to Wembley and Subiaco Primary Schools, Perth Modern School and Rockingham Senior High School. Annette has lived in the Carine electorate for 15 years (her husband a Carine resident for more than 30 years). Her 4 children went to Karrinyup and Pointer Primary schools and Carine Senior High School. She has been involved in volunteer work for over 15 years with a number of organizations. Now semi-retired, she appreciates music, life, family, friends, nature, architecture and knowledge.
Annette qualified as a nurse and worked in nursing for 10 years, including a year at W.A.I.T. She then entered the world of small business with 2 fast food franchises in the Southwest. After about 7 years she sold the businesses, returned to study, qualified as a Building Designer and used her new skills in her own business.

Why the seat of Carine?

Annette has seen the impact of infill development in Carine, which has been driven ahead without consideration of the long-term cost to locals. The loss of trees and open public space is a concern for many Carine residents. The negative impact of crime and the alarming rise in drug-use (plus the violent and anti-social behaviour often related to it) touches many families in the area.

This election Annette is campaigning for

“a future that I’d be happy to leave our children and grandchildren with” and “a planning system that takes into account the needs of local residents, not simply the wants of the developer.”