Julie Matheson was first elected as a Subiaco Councillor in October 2011, and re-elected again in October 2015 with 57% of the vote.

During this time Julie campaigned with residents to protect their amenity from some of the State Government’s push for new office blocks and high density flats in Subiaco and other Perth Metropolitan localities.

Julie worked to promote new and existing businesses in her role on Subiaco’s Economic and Business Sustainability Advisory Committee, supporting free three hour parking for shoppers, cash-in-lieu of parking shortfalls for new developments, and the removal of alfresco dining fees.

Julie has been invited to speak at community events on the Development Assessment Panels and its impact on communities, and the State Government’s back down on forced amalgamations of local councils.

During the past three years, Julie has chaired Subiaco Council’s Development Services Committee, and the Corporate, Community and Technical Services Committee which has carriage of matters relating to property assets, corporate governance, community amenity, and financial statements and reports of the Council.

In 2015, Julie was nominated by Subiaco Council and appointed by the Minister for Planning as a Development Assessment Panel members for the Metro West DAP.

Julie continues to campaign against the City of Perth Act which forced 3,000 residents from Subiaco without a vote, gave KINGS PARK to the City of Perth for development, and planning powers to the Executive Director of Public Health to build anything including a bridge from the Children’s hospital into native bushland of KINGS PARK.  Labor leader Mark McGowan was told this many times yet when asked he said he didn’t know, yet supported the City of Perth Act.

Please see Julie’s record on council here.

Thank you for your continued support.