Vote INDEPENDENT for the Senate

Break the drought!  Elect Western Australia’s first INDEPENDENT Senator in 40 years, Julie Matheson.

Western Australia is the forgotten state, neglected by political parties.

A vote for a political party from the eastern states is a NO vote for Western Australia.

No party will fight for more GST for Western Australia.  They fear their party will lose marginal seats in the eastern states if Western Australia gets more.

Since 1974, Western Australia’s only Senators have been from political parties, who must toe the party line to keep the marginal seats in the other states happy. 

I will fight for Western Australia as an Independent in the Senate.

Vote 1 Julie Matheson, Independent below the line on the far right edge of the ballot paper, then 2 to 12 for other candidates.

Break the Drought with your number 1 vote below the line.
Break the Drought with your number 1 vote below the line.

What can you do to help elect me as Western Australia’s first Senator since 1974?

We would love to have you on the campaign team and go in the draw to win

TWO TICKETS to Freo v West Coast Eagles Derby on 7 August 2016, draw at our election day after party.

Just send us a short message on how you can help here:

Tax deductible (up to $1,500) to “Julie Matheson”

Please ask for a receipt.

 Electronic funds transfer:  BSB:  066 125

Account number:  1042 1873

Reference: put your name so we can thank you

Thank you for any donations to the campaign.  Your money will help in our advertising campaign in newspapers, radio, TV, social media and the internet.

Thank you for your support.

Jackie Dines CAA support