Federal Election 2016

Julie Matheson stood as an Independent Candidate for the Senate in the Federal Election to break the drought since Western Australia had its last Independent Senator, Syd Negus, more than 40 years ago.

There are the results of First Preference votes on 2 July 2016:


Below is some of the commentary Julie made during the election:

There are some serious issues facing Western Australia.  However, nothing will change without the INDEPENDENT ADVANTAGE.

Electing Independents to the Senate makes a significant difference to Australia’s legislation and policy.  Western Australia has not had the INDEPENDENT ADVANTAGE in the Senate for 40 years.

Western Australia’s  current crop of Senators have been from political parties, who must toe the party line to keep the marginal seats in the other states happy. 

It’s been difficult for Western Australia to get any advantage because of this 40 year drought in the Senate.

Unfortunately, the campaign was unsuccessful due to the lack of party status when the election was called, and the casting of independent candidates to the far right hand edge of the ballot paper which made Julie Matheson’s name difficult to find.

Senate ballot paper 1 metre long with the right hand edge folded so independent candidates could not be found on postal votes.
Senate ballot paper 1 metre long with the right hand edge folded so independent candidates could not be found on postal votes.

More Western Australian Issues:

Western Australia is the forgotten state, neglected by political parties and their candidates.  Our current crop of WA Senators are unable to speak up for Western Australia’s fair share of the GST, submarine contracts and other funding.  They fear the party will lose marginal seats in the other states if Western Australia gets more.

Recently, Western Australia was awarded $305million for defence Pacific Patrol Boat Replacement.  It’s a tiny contract compared the submarine contract awarded to South Australia, after a political stoush between a South Australian INDEPENDENT senator and the South Australian Minister Christopher Pyne.  The fear of losing Mr Pyne’s seat in this election meant the contract had to go to South Australia.

Submarines for South Australia 2

South Australia is better off for having INDEPENDENT representation in Federal parliament.  Independents can do deals for their state without fearing political backlash from their party or swings against the party in marginal seats.

Most Senate candidates from the main political parties have already taken WA Senate seats for granted in this election, which means they are taking voters for granted. I won’t be taking Western Australian voters for granted.

Most other states have their fair share of independents (South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland) and their fair share of the Federal budget, but not Western Australia.    Our WA Senators haven’t said “boo” about the GST, the excise fuel tax, and our looming financial crisis.  They are forced to “toe the party line” to keep the other states happy.

Western Australia represents 11% of Australia’s population. Our share of Federal funding should be no less than 11%, yet this year’s budget allocates just 3.3% of unconditional money (GST and general revenue) and a miserable $883.6million with conditions on how it’s  spent.  Western Australian business, farmers and community groups will have to go cap in hand and compete with the rest of the states for additional funding if Western Australia does not break the drought and elect its first independent Senator in 40 years.

Victoria's $billions

The Federal budget has left Western Australia with a $382billion massive shortfall compared to other states. This shortfall will mean our local councils will be under pressure to increase rates as the State Government cancels services, expecting ratepayers to pick up the tab.

Council rate increases

Our local councils are under pressure to increase rates as the State Government cancels services. We have seen this already with the Emergency Services Levy and waste managementLibraries are soon to be on the chopping block as well as services for seniors, with little relief from the Federal Government.

As an elected Independent Senator Julie Matheson will have no fear of the party line.  Julie will negotiate a better deal for Western Australia using the INDEPENDENT ADVANTAGE.

Julie doesn’t have the $millions most parties will be throwing at this Federal election.  Julie asked voters to judge the past performance of WA Senators in promoting the best interests of our State, not their latest snappy social media or advertising campaign.

Please spread the message:

Vote 1 Julie Matheson for Western Australia below the line on the far right of the ballot paper, then 2 to 12 for other candidates.”

INDEPENDENT for Western Australia
INDEPENDENT for Western Australia