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Greg Ross for Midland       

Greg Ross for Midland
Greg Ross for Midland. “Our Party is Made in WA for WA. The rest don’t care about WA.”

Greg has four children and 3 grandchildren and lives with his wife Ann in Eden Hill. Greg’s career path has been diverse; in his beloved tour guide driver role in West Australian tourism, in corporate sales and marketing (including time as marketing manager for the Barbagallo Group), Dowerin Field Day CEO, freelance journalism for 20 years and visiting lecturer at WAAPA on Arts Marketing, and marketing manager / joint acting CEO of Yirra Yaakin Theatre. Greg retired to follow his passions of writing, photography, acting and music, working as a FIFO road-train driver to keep the wolf from the door.

Greg’s life experience gives him a unique outlook on living in Western Australia. He is a passionate believer in the Aussie ethos of a fair go, and has become more and more concerned at the lack of support and respect for working people, pensioners, injured police and service men and women, plus the horrendous cost of living – versus an ongoing decline in real wages.

Greg joined the City Gatekeepers to try and stop the Elizabeth Quay vanity project and the insidious Development Assessment Panels (DAPs). Along with a dedicated group of western suburbs citizens, he could see this kind of extravagant spending was dangerously speculative when balanced against the downturn in mining. Greg ran as an Independent at the 2013 WA State election for the seat of Kalamunda. The issues he was campaigning in 2013 have escalated in seriousness; the mining boom and bust, WA in debt, our population in decline, full time employment replaced by part time and casual, and the state of Western Australia brought to its knees.

Why the seat of Midland?

Greg proudly calls Midland home but knows that many in his area are struggling. A job and a home for everyone seems like a distant reality for many in Midland, a suburb once proudly recognised for its hive of activity with apprencentices, innovation and industry.

This election Greg is campaigning for

“Western Australia to get its fair share of the GST system, so that it has the capacity to look after the vulnerable – pensioners, workers disabled by long term injuries, and the unemployed” and “to address indigenous issues, tourism and road safety and properly fund health, education and the arts.”