Policy guide for WA

Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party represents the people of Western Australia, not political parties from the East.

Your Money

  • GST stays in WA.  No more getting ripped-off by Canberra.
  • Stop reckless overspending by government to prevent bankrupting our State and burdening our children.
  • Cap outrageous increases in government utilities and vehicle licensing.
  • Introduce a fairer land tax scale. Abolish the MRIT the slush fund for the WA Planning Commission.
  • Live within our means. Stop selling our infrastructure assets for short-term patch up to government debt.
  • Financial Planning Bureau for free advice on Superannuation and taxation.

Your Community

  • Let’s get tough.  Protect our police, nurses, and teachers from work place violence.
  • Underground power for all Metropolitan Perth and regional towns in cyclone and bushfire prone areas.
  • Subsidise fire and security alarms for Seniors and Aged Pensioners.
  • Make public hospital parking affordable for visitors.
  • Tree planting programs for urban canopy in all WA towns and Perth suburbs.
  • Rebuild WA. Populate regional towns, abolish Fringe Benefits Tax above 26th parallel and cancel FIFO.
  • Support special purpose gun laws with a bounty for rural pest control.
  • Refugee settlement in Regional towns.

Your Family

  • Every family… a job and a house.
  • Compulsory money skills’ education in all schools.
  • We will get tough on domestic violence.
  • Abolish the Family Court system and set up a Civil Law Tribunal.  No Lawyers! No legal costs!  Investigate and prosecute perjury in the court system.

Your Health

  • Extend government incentives for doctors to remain as GPs instead of specialising.
  • Free Mental Health checks for early intervention of depression or suicide.
  • Address the drug problem with world-class best practice education programs and rehabilitation clinics right here in our State.

Our State

  • Cut bureaucratic RED TAPE, make WA great.
  • Review all State agreements and cancel any holding WA back.
  • Provide a 21st Century telecommunications system to WA’s rural sector.
  • Ban gambling advertisements on WA TV.
  • Reform the Justice system
  • Water security
  • Strong Border Protection against drugs, banned materials and substances, plants, animals, illegal immigration.
  • Be a voice for animals and wildlife.