Policy guide for WA

Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party represents the people of Western Australia, not political parties from the East.

Your Money

  • GST stays in WA.  No more getting ripped-off by Canberra.
  • Stop reckless overspending by government to prevent bankrupting our State and burdening our children.
  • Cap outrageous increases in government utilities and vehicle licensing.
  • Introduce a fairer land tax scale. Abolish the MRIT the slush fund for the WA Planning Commission.
  • Live within our means. Stop selling our infrastructure assets for short-term patch up to government debt.
  • Financial Planning Bureau for free advice on Superannuation and taxation.

Shut down the Quangos

Quangos are set up with your taxes to  give false hope that the Government cares for you, the environment, heritage, development, building codes, safety, protection from rip-off merchants, when what’s really going on….

  1. During WA‘s biggest mining boom the WA Planning Commission (WAPC) failed to deliver the housing people wanted and the public transport we needed. (Taxpayer cost $130.9million)
  2. The Development Assessment Panels (DAP) delivered the worst building development program in Perth’s history.
  3. Under the watch of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), WA has lost valuable forests, wetlands, public open space, and protected dirty industry with buffer zones to scare residents and business away (Taxpayer cost $14.768million).
  4. State Heritage Office (SHO) failed to protect our culture and history.  Buildings and places of significant culture have been lost. (Taxpayer cost $1.377million)
  5. State Administrative Tribunal is a secretive agency and a playground to break the rules and avoid responsibilities.
  6. Building Commission (BC) lets builders get away with blue murder costing home owners thousands of dollars to fix.

Your Community

  • Let’s get tough.  Protect our police, nurses, and teachers from work place violence.
  • Underground power for all Metropolitan Perth and regional towns in cyclone and bushfire prone areas.
  • Subsidise fire and security alarms for Seniors and Aged Pensioners.
  • Make public hospital parking affordable for visitors.
  • Tree planting programs for urban canopy in all WA towns and Perth suburbs.
  • Rebuild WA. Populate regional towns, abolish Fringe Benefits Tax above 26th parallel and cancel FIFO.
  • Support special purpose gun laws with a bounty for rural pest control.
  • Refugee settlement in Regional towns.

Your Family

  • Every family… a job and a house.
  • Compulsory money skills’ education in all schools.
  • We will get tough on domestic violence.
  • Abolish the Family Court system and set up a Civil Law Tribunal.  No Lawyers! No legal costs!  Investigate and prosecute perjury in the court system.

Your Health

  • Extend government incentives for doctors to remain as GPs instead of specialising.
  • Free Mental Health checks for early intervention of depression or suicide.
  • Address the drug problem with world-class best practice education programs and rehabilitation clinics right here in our State.

Our State

  • Cut bureaucratic RED TAPE, make WA great.
  • Review all State agreements and cancel any holding WA back.
  • Provide a 21st Century telecommunications system to WA’s rural sector.
  • Ban gambling advertisements on WA TV.
  • Reform the Justice system
  • Water security
  • Strong Border Protection against drugs, banned materials and substances, plants, animals, illegal immigration.
  • Be a voice for animals and wildlife.