Mining and Pastoral

Our candidates for Mining and Pastoral are:

Sonya Matheson from Newman

Paul Costanzo from Roebourne

Mining and Pastoral Region is the Legislative Council upper house seat representing the districts of:

  • Kimberley
  • Pilbara
  • North West Central
  • Kalgoorlie

Under, Liberals, Nationals, Labor and Greens, the districts of Mining and Pastoral regions have suffered:

  • No action to keep the GST in WA.
  • Significant downturn in mining employment.
  • Family homes devalued and worth less than the mortgage.
  • Increase in FIFO work and 457 visas which has not supported local towns in the area.
  • Family breakups which end up as victims of the Family Court System.
  • Empire building for DFES with only 10% of ratepayer Emergency Service Levy used for bushfire management and emergency services.
  • Outrageous electricity prices from shonky meter readers
  • Increase in suicides, alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Small business bankruptcy.
  • Increase in feral animals and noxious weeds including the invasion of the cane toad to Western Australia.

This election VOTE 1 Julie Matheson for Western Australia.

To read more on our Party’s policies to represent Western Australia, please see our Policy Guide.

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