Mount Lawley

State policies guide:

  1. Cancel State Agreements holding back WA.
  2. Pay GST direct to WA State Treasury, not to Canberra
  3. Reduce WA’s $40billion debt
  4. Abolish payroll tax, household and vehicle duties
  5. Shut down the WA Planning Commission whose sole purpose is the protection of politicians and their mates, and responsible for the worst urban infill in this State’s history
  6. Abolish and replace the Building Commission and State Administrative Tribunal with true Civil Law Tribunals.
  7. Shut down the EPA and give environment enforcement powers to each elected Council.
  8. Replace the Family Court system with a Civil Law Tribunal. No lawyers! No Legal costs!
  9. Cut 14,343 bits of bureaucratic RED TAPE, the main tool used by bureaucrats to frustrate the public so they give up.
  10. Make WA great.

Local Policies:

  • Repeal decisions made by the WA Planning Commission to let development in wetlands.
  • Shut down the Development Assessment Panels and cancel any approvals which have not substantially commenced.
  • Abolish the State Heritage Office who have presided over WA’s significant loss of heritage and places of significant culture and give heritage assessment powers to each elected Council.
  • Promote urban canopy and charge a Tree Removal Fee on the felling trees of significance to the community.

A guide to other policies is found here:

Your candidate for the community, not a career politician is Greg Smith.

Phone: 0435 164 259