Red dust in her veins

Julie Matheson for North Metropolitan Upper House

Julie Matheson for North Metropolitan. "It's our GST generated and paid for by hard-working Western Australians."
Julie Matheson for North Metropolitan. “It’s our GST generated and paid for by hard-working Western Australians.”

Julie Matheson was born and raised in Port Hedland, WA. Her early education was at Saint Cecilia’s Primary. Port Hedland Senior High School was where she formed her dream to be a nurse, and this was later achieved at Port Hedland Regional Hospital, where she qualified as an enrolled nurse.

Julie worked for BHP and then became interested in the study of Finance, achieving a Certificate in Financial Planning. She moved to Sydney for three years and began a 28 year career assisting people with their money planning decisions.

Her financial acumen has been recognised by her peers – elected to the Financial Planning Board for 10 years (the maximum term) and to the University of Western Australia Convocation Council. She continued her studies in Political Science and earned her degree at UWA.

Community service was part of the weave of Julie’s early life in Hedland, watching her adored Dad as a town Councillor for 15 years and as a volunteer, umpiring and promoting football throughout the Pilbara. His name is still honoured at the Colin Matheson Oval.  The commitment to community service was  hand-balled to Julie, and she became a Subiaco Councillor in 2011, campaigning to help Subiaco combat issues with wall to wall development, the consequent escalation of traffic and the threat to heritage buildings. (Julie is the caretaker of Saint Catherine’s Chapel)

Julie could never have known how her valuable nursing skills would be tested when her lovely husband Andrew was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He died in 2012. Julie was  determined to get “up and going again” after the loss of Andrew.

Why the seat of North Metropolitan Upper House?

Julie became involved with helping DAP affected communities, where the planning decisions of government agencies were ruining the lives of the people they affected. As infill development and dramatically increased traffic began to overshadow communities, the loss of quiet enjoyment and amenity of people’s homes became a distressing reality for them. Julie ran as a candidate in the Federal election in 2016.

This election Julie is campaigning to

“shut down government agencies which are causing grief to communities and to pass planning power back to local people, through their locally elected councils.”