South West controls its future!

Stephen Phelan for South West

Stephen Phelan for South West
Stephen Phelan for South West. “Take back control of our fire and emergency services from the City.”

Stephen was born and raised in the central wheatbelt, on a farm at Miling. He went to Miling Primary School and then Mazenod College in Lesmurdie. He has 2 adult children, both of whom are in the trades; as an electrician and a plumber.

After leaving school, Stephen qualified as a chef, then later set up his own transport business from scratch, built it up and still runs it today. He met Julie and discovered there were strong friendship ties among their ancestors; Julie’s family, the Ralphs, and the Phelans were pioneer farmers from the Moora/Dalwallinu districts.

Why the seat of South West?

As a child and throughout his life, Stephen loved the sea breezes and forests of the South West while holidaying away from the farm at Christmas time and other breaks throughout the year. He believes the South West is W.A.’s “sophisticated corner” with its wineries, local, fresh food culture and arts events. He is concerned for the protection of the natural beauty and resources in the region.

This election Stephen is campaigning for “direct control of fire and emergency services, proper maintenance of the existing copper telecommunications system to support fast and reliable services without the substitution of shonky satellite dishes” and “build an international airport in Albany with direct services to our northern trading partners and the eastern states.”