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Andrew Luobikis for South Metropolitan Region

Andrew Luobikis for South Metropolitan.
Andrew Luobikis for South Metropolitan. “Cut out the bureaucrats in local government making rules so the public give up”.

Andrew was born in 1972 and lives in Beaconsfield with his wife Alison and their seven year old daughter. He is the son of a displaced person from Lithuania Jurgis (George) Luobikis who, in his early 20’s after WW2, arrived alone at the Port of Fremantle, to start a new life. Tragically, Jurgis never saw his family again. With second wife Valerie, Jurgis settled down to have two boys: Andrew and Robert. Andrew has 4 other half-brothers (3 still alive today) – the children of George and his first wife.

Andrew grew up in the South Metropolitan area and went to John Curtin Senior High School and Hamilton Hill SHS. He took up a trade in the motor industry and later studied business at the University of Western Australia. He has had a successful career in the automotive industry for the last 26 years. During his thirties, Andrew became a carer for his parents, who died in their eighties. His is passionate about aged care issues and understands the challenges of being a carer.

Why the seat of South Metropolitan Region?

Andrew has been actively involved in local government issues and has volunteered his time for many local causes. He now volunteers as co-chair of the Fremantle Residents and Ratepayers Association (FRRA) and is a committee member of the Fremantle Society. He ran as a candidate in the 2015 Fremantle Council elections and the 2016 Beaconsfield By-election. He is passionate about social justice, the environment, and would like to see more focus on services and budget allocation for seniors. Andrew wants a better share of the GST for WA, less red tape and government bureaucracy, agencies to address traffic congestion with smart engineering solutions in conjunction with a well-designed public transport plan, embracing a knowledge economy with a real plan for jobs and education, and reducing the burden on small business along with incentives to employ more people.

This election Andrew is campaigning for

“a world-class aged care facility on the old Stan Reilly Centre site, near “the fabric of Fremantle”, with cafes and the footy oval nearby, so that over 55’s could relocate there, with the reassurance that aged care and respite care are available, onsite, in the future.”

He would also instigate Local Government reform, to “stop the rot” on local councils; by encouraging diversity of opinion, and removing nepotism and the hijacking of issues by major political parties.