The Lorax for Maylands!

“UNLESS someone like you cares a whole lot, NOTHING is going to get better. It’s not.” (Dr.Suess)

Greg Smith for Maylands

Greg Smith was born in Victoria Park and went to school at Forrest Street Primary School, later attending Kent Street Senior High School. Keen to study the design of places, he studied Urban and Regional Design at W.A.I.T. (now Curtin University), later achieving a Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning. Greg bought a home in the geographical heart of Maylands in 1983 and is a father of four, three of whom attend John Forrest Senior High School. He has three grandchildren.

His early career was in town planning for state government, then as Town Planner for the Town of East Fremantle for 7 years, Bike Planner for BikeWest, and for the last fifteen years, he has worked as a Town Planning Consultant and a sessional academic at Curtin University.

An active community participant in events surrounding Town Planning issues, Greg has been involved as a member on the campaign committee for Dr. Ian Alexander (Greens) in Fremantle, has served as President of the ALP at W.A.I.T., was on the ALP State Executive Transport Committee for 4 years and was on the ALP State Executive as well.

Why the seat of Maylands?

Greg Smith for Maylands. "Scrap the WA Planning Commission and its deals with developers."
Greg Smith for Maylands. “Scrap the WA Planning Commission and its deals with developers.”

Greg has volunteered his time on many gratis Town Planning consultancies, such as those for; Bayswater Urban Tree Network, Bayswater Deserves Better, No Houses in Wetlands, Slade Street Action Group and Friends of Rose Avenue Park.Greg wants to scrap the D.A.P. (Development Application Process), W.A.P.C. (West Australian Planning Commission) and the S.A.T (State Administrative Tribunal) – all town planning agencies which “pander to the interests of the development lobby with 0% interest in intelligent infill, nor identity, amenity or locality”. Greg would like to see the definition of “development” in the Model Scheme Text to include all trees above 5 metres in height, as there are no constraints on developers that wish to bulldoze mature trees. Greg believes the cooling effects of tree canopies cannot be underestimated, as we face the very serious town planning issue of the Urban Heat Island Effect.

This election Greg is campaigning to

“change the language and focus of town planning documents to ensure that all trees in Perth receive consideration in all town planning applications. He would also plant 10,000 trees in the Riverside Garden parklands and turn Bayswater Drain into a living, breathing stream, minus the Round-Up.”